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Farmex 2022 exhibition

Iran Farma 2022 exhibition

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Parand Daro Pharmaceutical Company, as a knowledge-based company, started its activity with the production of narcotic medicinal substances in 1385 and is the second company in the private sector that received a license to produce narcotic products from the Food and Drug Organization of Iran, and with the extraction Opioid raw materials has been able to produce effective medicinal substances such as codeine phosphate, noscapine, thebaine, papaverine and oxycodone and in addition to meeting the needs of domestic customers, it has exported its products to the world market. In 2019, the company was able to enter the production cycle of narcotic final products in addition to the production of effective pharmaceutical substances by establishing a syrup line and receiving a GMP certificate and a license from the competent authority. The owners of the country’s pharmaceutical industry. In July 1401, Kimiagaran Moroz Chemical Industries Company (public stock) purchased the management shares of Parand Daro Pharmaceutical Company and by establishing an expert and experienced management team, it aims to create a turning point in the growth, development and excellence of the company.

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